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VI. Program Management

Afterschool Quality Standard

Key Principle:

Program Management

Youth benefit from effective leadership, strong program management and sound fiscal management.

  1. Program embraces a clear mission statement and philosophy that is widely understood and shared among youth, staff. families and the community.
  2. Program policies and procedures are reflective and responsive to the needs of all youth and families.
  3. Program policies and practices meet ethical and legal standards.
  4. Program administrators ensure effective fiscal management of the program’s budget and available resources.
  5. Staff and volunteer qualifications and roles are clearly defined.
  6. Program administrators recruit, hire,and develop staff and volunteers that reflect the diversity and culture(s) of the community.
  7. Program administrators hold regular staff meetings and opportunities for formal and informal communication among staff and volunteers.
  8. Program administrators, staff and volunteers participate in relevant and ongoing professional development that supports their own growth and builds more effective program practice.
  9. Program administrators conduct frequent and consistent evaluations of program staff, and volunteers.
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Examples of the Standard in Practice:

  • Program utilizes multiple funding and in-kind resources to promote sustainability.
  • Program maintains an employee handbook outlining staff expectations and policies and procedures.
  • Staff receives training appropriate to their position and responsibilities regarding working with families and relating to youth in ways that promote positive development.
  • Staff is formally evaluated by program administrators at least annually.
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