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VII. Program Evaluation and Data

Afterschool Quality Standard

Key Principle:

Program Evaluation and Data

Youth benefit from continuous quality improvement systems that include measurable goals aligned with children, youth and family needs.

  1. Written measurable goals are aligned to the program’s mission statement and purpose.
  2. Regular assessments of program activities, staff performance, and youth and family satisfaction are relied upon for program planning and continuous improvement.
  3. Quality improvement is an established part of the organizational culture, engaging youth, staff, volunteers, families and leadership in the process.
  4. Program uses assessment tools that are valid, reliable and aligned with quality and desired youth outcomes.
Family at computer

Examples of the Standard in Practice:

  • Families are given the opportunity to evaluate the program, at least annually, and the results are used for systematic program improvements.
  • Youth give oral and written feedback on program activities.
  • Every program activity is written with clear goals and objectives.
  • Program administrators and staff have regular assessments built into yearly programming and use resulting data to plan for future improvement.
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