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V. Family, School and Community Engagement

Afterschool Quality Standard

Key Principle:

Family, School and Community Engagement

Youth benefit when families, schools and communities are actively engaged in program development and implementation.

  1. Program develops and nurtures family, school and community partnerships to leverage resources and support for the youth and families served.
  2. Program engages in family, school and community collaborations to plan and implement intentionally designed activities based on youth needs and interests.
  3. Out-of-school time academic components and activities compliment and enrich school standards and curriculum.
  4. Family relationships and involvement are fostered by the program’s meaningful communication with families.
  5. The involvement and support of families, community organizations and schools are sought as a means to enhance diverse and engaging programming and activities.
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Examples of the Standard in Practice:

  • There are established mechanisms for communication with school day administration and staff regarding academic and behavioral progress
    of youth.
  • Programs provide tools and resources for families to reinforce and/or expand on the learning opportunities provided in the program.
  • Programs engage community members and families as volunteers.
  • Programs consider Arizona Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards when planning program activities.
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