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IV. Equity and Inclusion

Afterschool Quality Standard

Key Principle:

Equity and Inclusion

Youth thrive in the program regardless of their background, including but not limited to race, color, religion, sex, income level, national origin, physical, mental and learning ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression.

  1. Youth represent the full diversity of the community, as it applies to the mission of the program.
  2. Youth are exposed to culturally responsive programming, and the program promotes the development of positive identities, respect for differences and cross-cultural understanding among all youth.
  3. Program commits to understand, value and respect the backgrounds and experiences of program youth and their families.
  4. The needs of diverse youth that come from varying family experiences and backgrounds are included and emphasized in the professional development of staff, helping staff become culturally competent and responsive.
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Examples of the Standard in Practice:

  • Activities are adapted for different learning styles and English language development levels to ensure active participation from all youth.
  • The program has a written strategy to reach underserved youth, and implements this strategy as capacity allows.
  • The program incorporates multicultural activities that explore a diversity of cultures, promote respect for a variety of perspectives, and encourage youth to share about their own culture.
  • The major languages represented in the community being served are integrated into program materials and information.
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