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I. Safe and Healthy Environments

Afterschool Quality Standard

Key Principle:

Safe and Healthy Environments

Youth experience physically and emotionally safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate learning environments.

  1. All staff and volunteers submit to background checks and fingerprint clearance.
  2. Staff implements policies, procedures and supervision to maintain safety for all youth.
  3. Written health and safety policies are provided to families and understood by youth.
  4. Healthy lifestyles and behaviors are promoted.
  5. Snacks and meals provided are well balanced and nutritious.
  6. Youth, families and staff experience a welcoming and supporting environment.
  7. The indoor and outdoor space provides an environment of comfort, ownership and respect for youth and their families.
  8. The physical space reflects the interests of and displays the work of the youth.
High School Students

Examples of the Standard in Practice:

  • Staff is in each room, activity or program space to ensure that all youth are properly supervised.
  • The program conducts regular inspections using checklists to ensure the indoor and outdoor environment is clean and free of hazards that can cause injury or illness to youth.
  • There is a quiet area for youth who need it.
  • Physical health and nutrition activities are a part of daily programming for all youth.
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