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2020 AzCASE Workshops & Training

We provide trainers for custom sessions at your organization.  Let us know what you need – we will work with you on topics and find an expert to present to your staff.

AzCASE is excited to bring you dynamic, knowledgeable presenters to address the topics Arizona out-of-school time professionals care about. 

School’s Out, Make It Count Conference: Saturday, October 17th, 2020    Save the Date!  Registration will open May 2020.  

Check out the latest Conference Details  HERE

We have added FOUR new webinars for Arizona’s youth program providers.


“Dealing with Difficult Behaviors Workshop” with Adam Brooks – View Workshop Here

  • In a classroom full of students behaviors inevitably show up so how do we deal with those behaviors in healthy ways?  We will present some tips and tricks on how to utilize research to calm those behaviors and keep a regulated learning environment.”

“10 Great Games in  A Bucket” with Jason Jamison –  View Workshop Here 

  • This interactive webinar is packed with 10 great games in a bucket that can be used for both small and large spaces to keep kids ages 8-13 active and engaged.

“Social-Emotional Development for School-Age 8-13” – View Training Here

  • This training reviews the definition and key concepts of social-emotional development as well as brain development. We will be discussing the specific social-emotional stages for ages 8-13 and looking at age-appropriate behaviors, characteristics, possible needs, and how teachers can meet the child’s needs. We will also be touching on possible ideas to increase social-emotional development for this specific age group as well as ideas on how to approach the stress of COVID-19.

“STEM Activities with the Arizona Science Center” – View Workshop Here

“Getting Started with the AzQSAT” – Webinar Recording Now Available Here

“Helping Refugee Youth Move Through the Darkness” – Webinar Recording Now Available Here

“Service Learning & Civic Engagement”  – Webinar Recording Now Available Here

“Youth Leading the Way: Service Learning and Civic Engagement in OST”

presented by Franny Sharpe, AzCASE

Webinar Recording Now Available Here

Service learning and civic engagement activities can provide young people with big benefits on almost every level of youth development. Studies show that youth who take part in these activities can see improvement in their academic outcomes, social-emotional skills and their sense of connectedness to their community. Not only that, service learning and civic engagement activities and projects are often the most memorable (and fun!) of any out-of-school-time program!

Join us for a one-hour webinar on how you can easily implement service learning and civic engagement projects in your program. Learn how youth voice and choice can create fun and meaningful activities that will connect youth with their community and your program. Gain practical guidance on how to find and execute projects, and how to model civic engagement values and behavior. Most importantly – learn how youth can have fun, make a difference, and create connections to their community!

Program Applicability: K-4, 5-8, 9-12

DHS Continuing Education: Program Management (1 Hour)

Quality Standards Alignment:

icon_6_64x64III. Intentional Programming & Activities

icon_7_64x64V. Family, School & Community Engagement


“Getting Started with the Arizona Quality Standards Assessment Tool”

presented by Genevieve Burns, Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence

Webinar Recording Now Available Here

Every out-of-school time program can benefit from regular and honest self-assessment. To assist program staff in measuring and improving their program quality, the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence is proud to offer the AzQSAT, a free online tool that gives OST program directors and site coordinators the ability to assess their quality and track their improvement over time!

In this one hour webinar, participating programs will learn how to register for and navigate this powerful, reliable, and FREE online tool! Programs are encouraged to follow along with the online tool during the webinar and get started on their very first self-assessment. Whether you’re just getting started with the AzQSAT or need a refresher, don’t miss this training!

Program Applicability: K-4, 5-8, 9-12

DHS Continuing Education: Program Management (1 Hour)

Quality Standards Alignment:

icon_7_64x64VII. Data and Evaluation

Registration Fee: Registration is free but all attendees must pre-register.

Owl and Panther: Helping Refugee Youth Move through the Darkness

presented by Marge Pellegrino, Owl and Panther Project

Webinar Recording Now Available Here

Every year Arizona becomes home to thousands of refugee families from throughout the world. These women, children and men have waited years to leave behind dire and dangerous circumstances and create a new life in a safe, welcoming country. As refugee children and youth adjust to life in their new home, they are often in need of support, understanding and mentorship to overcome the trauma they’ve experienced.

Join presenter Marge Pellegrino for an eye-opening webinar on how youth program staff can provide guidance and support to refugee youth, and help them to successfully adapt to life in their new country. Marge will share her knowledge and best practices from her 17 years working with Tucson’s refugee community. You’ll learn about how the Hopi Foundation’s Owl & Panther Project utilizes art to provide meaningful and healing experiences for refugee youth, the unique stressors and behaviors refugee youth may exhibit, and effective approaches to creating positive relationships and the sense of belonging in your program.

Program Applicability: K-4, 5-8, 9-12

DHS Continuing Education: Growth and Development (1 Hour)

Quality Standards Alignment:

icon_6_64x64II. Positive Relationships

icon_7_64x64IV. Equity and Inclusion

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