The Make it Count! Pledge Rockets to a New Milestone

After we announced that we had 600 programs pledging to make their out-of-school time programs count for youth, we got a flurry of activity from programs who also wanted to prove their commitment to quality. Today, we’ve reached another exciting new milestone with the Make It Count Pledge—700 Arizona out-of-school time programs have signed!

The 700th pledge was one of the many Litchfield Elementary School District Extended Day sites that came in at once, so we are actually above that 700 count already!

All of these programs have signed the Make It Count Pledge do so as a demonstration of their commitment to delivering quality out-of-school time programming for Arizona kids. While we normally take the macro approach to helping you deliver quality programming, for this Pledge, we’re looking at each of you on the individual site level to ensure that you really are striving for continuous quality improvement at each OST location in Arizona.

Make It Count Pledge signers commit to using the School’s Out, Make It Count, Arizona Quality Standards for Out-of-School Time Programs to LIFT – Learn, Implement, Fine-Tune and Teach – their programs to new heights of quality.

We congratulate all 700+ programs that have taken this important step toward improving quality on behalf of the youth they serve and challenge all Arizona programs to join in continuous quality improvement—have you signed the Pledge for your program site? Is your organization actively involved in assessing your strengths and areas to grow and strategically improving your quality?

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