STEM in the Garden

The STEM in the Garden curriculum consists of a series of 6 Modules. The order of the modules loosely follows the growing season/school year.

Module 1: Introduction to the Garden and Module 2: Growing the Plants give youth an introduction to the garden and plant needs at the beginning of the fall when there is a lot of diversity of crops in the garden.

Module 3: Developing a Locally based Food System involves a lot of harvesting, which works well during the fall harvest season.

Module 4: Making the Soil Rich and Module 5: Designing the Garden, are topics for the winter months when there is little plant life in the garden- a great time to explore all the bare soil and think ahead to the next growing season.

Module 6: Independence and Garden Life are a good topics of focus for the spring when the garden is coming back to to life and students have already gained a basic understanding of plants.

Though you can follow this order, all of these activities can easily be done at any time of the year to fit with your needs.

Target Audience: Programs that serve K-4, Programs that serve Grades 5-8, Programs that serve Grades 9-12, Line Staff, Other
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Author/Developer: School Garden Project of Lane County
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