STEM Equity and Identity Webinar Series

These webinars explore equity issues around development of STEM identity. The first webinar includes a tool for self-evaluation and discuss strategies to support STEM identity. The second webinar focuses on what we can do to address the equity issue in STEM education.

In STEM education in the US, we educate as if doing well on the testmastering content—is the most important thing. Robert Tai’s work has taught us how important engagement is to learners. And a variety of researchers have shown how important development of a STEM identity is to success and retention in the STEM pipeline. So, the line-up is content, engagement, identity (“I’m good at science, I like science, some day I can be a scientist”).

But there’s a growing body of research that says the most reliable predictor of success and retention in the STEM pipeline is development of a STEM identity —especially for groups that are currently underrepresented in STEM fields.

The first STEM Equity and Identity Webinar.

The second STEM Equity and Identity Webinar.

Which Standards does this meet? II. Positive Relationships, III. Intentional Programming and Activities, IV. Equity and Inclusion
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