Relating Research to Practice

Relating Research to Practice contains a set of research briefs summarizing recent peer-reviewed educational research.

This website focuses on papers published in over a dozen different educational journals since 2009, including a few from the UK/EU representing global perspectives on teaching and learning. Research briefs are organized by a set of relevant topics and tagged with keywords.

Additional website resources include:

  • a set of synthesis papers that provide a historical and theoretical context for key domains of research
  • a glossary of common terms
  • a bookshelf space where you can save briefs for future use
  • resource spotlights featuring relevant reports and articles that relate to particular topics identified as important in the informal science education (ISE) field today.

The website resources are produced by hybrid educational researcher-practitioners with the interests, needs, and institutional settings of informal science educators (ISE) in mind.

Which Standards does this meet? III. Intentional Programming and Activities, VI. Program Management, VII. Program Evaluation and Data
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