“Owl & Panther: Helping Refugee Youth Move Through the Darkness” Webinar

Owl and Panther: Helping Refugee Youth Move through the Darkness” Webinar

presented by Marge Pellegrino, Owl and Panther Project | Recorded April 6th, 2017 | 45 minutes

Every year Arizona becomes home to thousands of refugee families from throughout the world. These women, children and men have waited years to leave behind dire and dangerous circumstances and create a new life in a safe, welcoming country. As refugee children and youth adjust to life in their new home, they are often in need of support, understanding and mentorship to overcome the trauma they’ve experienced.

Join presenter Marge Pellegrino for an eye-opening webinar on how youth program staff can provide guidance and support to refugee youth, and help them to successfully adapt to life in their new country. Marge will share her knowledge and best practices from her 17 years working with Tucson’s refugee community. You’ll learn about how the Hopi Foundation’s Owl & Panther Project utilizes art to provide meaningful and healing experiences for refugee youth, the unique stressors and behaviors refugee youth may exhibit, and effective approaches to creating positive relationships and the sense of belonging in your program.

DHS Continuing Education: Growth and Development (1 Hour)



Target Audience: Programs that serve K-4, Programs that serve Grades 5-8, Programs that serve Grades 9-12, Line Staff, Program Manager/Coordinator, Program Director/Leadership
Which Standards does this meet? II. Positive Relationships, IV. Equity and Inclusion
Author/Developer: Marge Pellegrino, The Hopi Foundation's Owl and Panther Project
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