Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities

The Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities (JELO) is a peer-reviewed, online, open-access publication of the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation.

WebThe aim of this journal is to promote scholarship and consciousness of the ways in which students’ engagement in afterschool and expanded learning activities contributes to their learning and development through the publication of original empirical, practical, and theoretical manuscripts. The JELO will connect research and promising practices throughout California and the nation, fostering a dialogue that engages both researchers and practitioners in the field.

The journal solicits original papers in two categories:

  • Research-based: presentation of new research using data that includes an abstract, an introductory paragraph, a brief literature review, methods (quantitative and/or qualitative), results, and implications. An example would be an academic or field study.
  • Practitioner-based: presentation of an essay or brief focused on a specific promising practice that includes an abstract, introductory paragraph, discussion of the practice, and recommendations for implementation, sustainability, and scaling. An example would be a review of a program project/activity.

The journal has been published every spring beginning in 2014. All editions are available on the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation’s  Journal of Expanded Learning Opportunities page.

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