Girl Talk — The state of girls and how afterschool can help

What are the key issues affecting girls today in the U.S.? What approaches can afterschool programs employ to best support the success of boys, specifically boys and young men of color? We’ll begin to address these large-scale questions in a new ongoing webinar series focused on gender-specific programming in afterschool.

The series kicks off with an overview of data on the state of girls and delves into afterschool programming developed to address girls’ specific needs. Guest speakers will discuss a recent report highlighting key issues and major trends affecting girls in the U.S., as well as share research-based programming developed to support girls’ growth and development academically, socially and emotionally. In subsequent webinars, we’ll address gender inequality within STEM education, share practical tips from program providers and discuss best practices..

Guest Speakers:

  • Kamla Modi, Ph. D.; Research & Outreach Analyst, Girl Scout Research Institute
  • Brenda Stegall; Director of Program & Training Services, Girls Inc.

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