STEMFinity Free Grant Writing Assistance

STEMfinity and their partner, Resource Associates, offer a full service grant development program to assist education agencies in acquiring grant funding to meet student achievement goals. Comprised of professional grant writers, administrators, professors, and educational practitioners, STEMfinity and Resource Associates provide strategic planning, grant research and alignment, grant evaluation, and related professional consulting services to hundreds of education agencies throughout the United States. From federal entitlement grants to discretionary NCLB competitions, this team has the expertise to prepare grant proposals that are likely to be awarded and implemented with limited burden on your staff.

Whether you are just establishing STEM in your program, or looking to improve the effectiveness of STEM Education, STEMfinity has a solution for your program. Contact them today to prepare a successful STEM Education Grant Application and provide today’s youth with project-based tools to spark interest and passion in STEM!

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