Cyberbullying and How to Identify On-Line Harassment

As you may know, our world is continuing to become more digital, and dangers like cyberbullying have increased drastically. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has exacerbated online bullying since millions of students were learning online and relying on the internet for social interaction. In fact, the amount of reported bullying and hate speech on online chats increased by 70% in 2020.

Our guide includes:

  • Detailed infographics on Types and Signs of Cyberbullying
  • Steps on Handling Online Harassment
  • Resources for Victims of Cyberbullying
Target Audience: Programs that serve Grades 5-8, Programs that serve Grades 9-12, Program Manager/Coordinator, Program Director/Leadership, Other
Which Standards does this meet? I. Safe and Healthy Environments, II. Positive Relationships
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