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Click2Science is a FREE  interactive, professional development site for trainers, coaches, site directors and frontline staff/volunteers working in out-of-school time programs serving children and youth.

The foundation of Click2Science is their 20 Skills to Make STEM Click, those skills that they believe are necessary to implement science effectively in out-of-school time settings. Click2Science is an indispensible resources for staff working directly with youth and for coaches and trainers working with staff.

Access their learning modules, read tips, find specific professional development, and find activities that you can bring to your program based on their 20 Skills and broken into their three major categories:

Access their Professional Development Resources, that can be searched by category or by their 20 skills, including

Plus, stay up to date with live webinars and watch past Click2Science webinars. The webinars are organized by topic, with the date and title listed below each topic. Enjoy making #MomentsThatClick on-demand!

Target Audience: Programs that serve K-4, Programs that serve Grades 5-8, Programs that serve Grades 9-12, Line Staff, Program Manager/Coordinator, Program Director/Leadership
Which Standards does this meet? III. Intentional Programming and Activities
Author/Developer: University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension
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