Building Literacy in Afterschool

Literacy is fundamental to one’s learning, growing and comprehension of the world. Yet, when looking at students’ reading test scores as an indicator of U.S. students’ aptitude in literacy, more than 6 in 10 students at the elementary, middle and high school levels are less than proficient in reading.

Afterschool programs hold infinite potential to provide the additional supports necessary to ensure that students are equipped with the literacy skills they need in school, in careers and in life. Hear from three afterschool programs that are providing integral literacy supports to their students by building on their students’ school-day lessons and finding engaging, fun and innovative activities to inspire their students and place them on the road to become lifelong learners.


  • Nikki Yamashiro; Research Director, Afterschool Alliance
  • Deidre Green, Managing Editor, Simpson Street Free Press
  • Brianna Wilson, Assistant Editor and Teacher, Simpson Street Free Press
  • Peter Epstein, Education and Youth Manager, New American Pathways’ Bright Futures Afterschool Program
  • Mary Kathryn Tippett, Middle School Youth Coordinator, New American Pathways’ Bright Futures Afterschool Program
  • Dorothy Tomlin, Founder and Director, Positive Direction Youth Center

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