Afterschool STEM Hub

Advocates for high-quality OST learning in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will discover the most effective ways to make the case for expanding and supporting afterschool STEM programs. Thanks to careful and extensive research performed by the FrameWorks Institute, a non-profit communications think tank, the hub has a solid understanding of average Americans’ perceptions about STEM learning and the out-of-school time environment, as well as reliable, tested ways of positioning OST STEM that can overcome any communication roadblocks.

The Afterschool STEM Hub is supported by a collaboration of out-of-school time leaders and stakeholders who seek to ensure that OST programs are considered a key component in the STEM learning ecosystem. In partnership, they produce coordinated messaging and advocacy tools built on the FrameWorks Institute’s rigorous communications research. Initially funded by the Noyce Foundation and with continuing support from STEM Next, this project is led by the Afterschool Alliance with the following organizations contributing to the shape and direction of the Afterschool STEM Hub.

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