Afterschool Matters – Fall 2014

Afterschool Matters is a national, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting professionalism, scholarship and consciousness in the field of afterschool education. The journal serves those involved in developing and managing programs for youth during the out-of-school time hours and those engaged in research and in shaping youth development policy.

In this Issue: 

Curriculum and Professional Development for OST Science Education: Lessons Learned from California 4-H
By Steven M. Worker and Martin H. Smith

Keeping Children Safe: Afterschool Staff and Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting
By Maria Gandarilla and Julie O’Donnell

Long-Term Participants: A Museum Program Enhances Girls’ STEM Interest, Motivation, and Persistence
By Jennifer D. Adams, Preeti Gupta,and Alix Cotumaccio

Paper Copters and Potential: Leveraging Afterschool and Youth Development Trainers to Extend the Reach of STEM Programs
By Stephanie A. Lingwood and Jennifer B. Sorensen

The Quest for Mastery
By Diane Gruber, M.A.

The Role of Out-of-School Time in Reducing Hunger and Preventing Obesity
By Daniel W. Hatcher, Crystal Weedall FitzSimons, and Jill R. Turley

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Core? The Common Core Standards and Out-of-School Time Programs
By Suzanne Marten, Sara Hill, and Anne Lawrence

“Writing Is Not Really Something I Do”: Engaging Reluctant Male Writers
By Steven W. Garlid

Which Standards does this meet? I. Safe and Healthy Environments, II. Positive Relationships, III. Intentional Programming and Activities, IV. Equity and Inclusion, V. Family, School and Community Engagement, VI. Program Management, VII. Program Evaluation and Data
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