AZCASE Pathway to Accreditation
Coach Job Description

A Pathway to Accreditation Coach supports, guides and empowers out-of-school-time (OST)
programs (before school, after school, and summer programs for children ages 5 – 17 years
old) participating in the AZCASE Pathway to Accreditation in a collaborative, reflective, and
efficient process for the purpose of improving the quality of assigned programs as defined by the
Arizona Quality Standards for Out-of-School Time. Pathway to Accreditation Coaches are
connected with 1 or more OST programs (depending on the coach’s capacity) to conduct virtual
and in person meetings with participating programs, collaborate to craft quality improvement
plans, provide reflective coaching and guidance, and serve as accreditation endorsers who will
visit programs to observe, assess, and score programs based on the Arizona Quality Standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


● Participate in 4-6 hour coach training


● Lead Pathway to Accreditation team meetings with assigned program
○ Facilitate inclusive, engaging, and respectful meetings for Pathway to
Accreditation program team (5 total meetings per program being coached: 3
virtual, 2 in person)
○ Take and share meeting notes
● Guide program team to create plans to learn and integrate quality standards, conduct a
self-evaluation, improve quality in preparation for accreditation, and commit to
continuous quality improvement.
● Track programs’ steps in the Pathway following up as needed to provide support or
encourage forward momentum.
● Ask great questions of program teams to help empower them to make decisions.
● Offer guidance and advice that supports the AZ Quality Standards for OST.

● Utilize CollaboNation Learning Management System to track steps and share documents
with programs. Coach programs to do the same.
○ Enter documentation of all meetings, phone calls or emails within 2 weeks of that
● Have crucial conversations with program teams as needed
● Communicate directly withAZCASE regarding any questions, points of clarification,
comments, reports, etc.


● Conduct accreditation review (of a program sites OTHER than the one(s) they are
currently coaching)
○ Review necessary paperwork online
○ Travel to program site.
○ Conduct accreditation visit taking observation based notes
○ Score program based on observations related to individual indicators of quality
on provided observation tool.
■ Compile scores and notes using the online system.

● At least 5 years working in out-of-school time field (before school, after school or
summer programs)
● Experience coaching, mentoring or supervising staff
● Education and/or training related to child or youth development
● Understanding of afterschool / youth development principles and practices
● Experience facilitating engaging and empowering meetings
● Understanding of bias
● Experience working with individuals with diverse backgrounds, learning and
communication styles, cultures, and education levels.
● Hold current state-issued fingerprint clearance card (AZCASE will pay card application
fee for those who do not have a current card)
● Familiarity with Arizona Quality Standards for Out-of-School Time
● Ability to learn and use new computer programs
● Ability to communicate clearly, kindly and directly
● Ability to listen, ask questions, and empower people
● Ability to stay organized, even when leading multiple programs and projects.
● Ability to think critically

Commitment and Compensation:

AZCASE Pathway to Accreditation Coaches are independent contractors who will bill monthly
for their hours at a rate of $50/hour payable upon receipt of monthly invoice submitted by coach.

Pathway to Accreditation coaches commit to a minimum of coaching 1 program and accrediting
1 program at a time. Coaches may coach and accredit multiple programs simultaneously if their
capacity and schedule allow and if there are ample programs in the Pathway.

Participating Pathway programs are expected to complete the program within 3 months (and
within no more than 6 months).

Coaches may be asked to drive as much as 2.5 hours away from their home for program site
visits and meetings. These hours are billable at the $50/hour rate.

Pathway to Accreditation Coaches can bill for a maximum of 12 working hours per program they
are coaching and 6 hours per program they are accrediting (plus drive time).

A complete breakdown of anticipated coaching hours and activities can be found here.
Scheduling is flexible around other work as needed, but once assigned to a program, coaches
must be available occasionally during after school hours (3:00 – 6:00 pm).

AZCASE asks coaches to make a 1 year commitment to this program with the option to renew if
both parties agree. Coaches will be supervised and supported by master coaches and
AZCASE employees.

Coaches must hold a valid driver’s license and current Arizona state fingerprint clearance card.

To apply as a Pathway to Accreditation coach please send: a resume, short cover letter,
and three professional references to