Newest Professional Development Opportunities

We’re packing April full of even more trainings for you to grow your program and grow as professional staff and leaders!

Parent Engagement: Turning Families into Fans!
presented by Larry Kerby

Larry-KerbyDo the parents in your program just come and go, or are they engaged in all of the great things their child is doing in the program? Join Larry Kerby as he demonstrates quick, easy and fun strategies for creating powerful connections and lasting relationships with parents. You’ll discover the importance of parent engagement – and how it makes your job easier! By the end of this interactive session you will be energized and empowered to develop meaningful relationships with the families in your program!

Leadership Series Part 2:
“Leading with Emotional Intelligence” & “Strategic Planning for Your Program”

What is Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) and why is it so important for leaders and managers to possess it? Join Executive Coach Rebecca Glenn for a 4-hour intensive workshop that will teach you the science behind EI as well as practical tools and insights that will help you to better build positive, professional and productive relationships with staff, manage your emotions in stressful situations, and strengthen your leadership skills!

“A failure to plan is a plan for failure,” right? Well, a strategic plan is a plan for success! NAA Afterschool Ambassador Jeremy King will present a 2-hour interactive workshop that will help you craft a strategic plan that will maximize your resources, energize your staff with a shared vision, and create the best possible program for youth!

Youth Leading the Way: Service Learning & Civic Engagement in OST
FREE Webinar

Service learning and civic engagement activities can provide young people with big benefits on almost every level of youth development. Join presenter Paloma Ibañez for a 1-hour webinar on how you can easily implement these projects in your program. Learn how youth voice and choice can create fun and meaningful activities that will connect youth with their community and your program. Gain practical guidance on how to find and execute projects, and how to model civic engagement values and behavior. Most importantly – learn how youth can have fun, make a difference, and create connections to their community!

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