New OST grant available to Title I Middle Schools in Maricopa County!

There’s a new, exciting out-of-school time grant opportunity available to Title I Middle Schools in Maricopa County! From Inspirement Tribe:

After-School programming is a vital component to a successful school, but without funding, it is often forgotten.  We’d like to invite you to get to know Inspirement Tribe, an innovative After-School program provider that is new to our Arizona community. In the video below, the founder and CEO, Tyree Dillingham, shares her insights and wisdom on what makes a successful After-School program and how to fund it. Inspirement Tribe’s unique approach to After-School programming utilizes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principals and drives attendance and graduation.

Click the image below to watch a YouTube video about the Inspirement Tribe grant opportunity:

To learn more, click here to see how they are creating student success through their 4 Pillars to Prosperity programming. 
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