Future for KIDS “Discover Your Future” Volunteer Mentoring Program




The Discover Your Future program offered by Future for KIDS is an out of school mentoring program with several locations throughout the community.  Their focus is working with youth that have been exposed to stressful or toxic situations in their life, also knows as ACEs.  Future for KIDS programs promote resiliency against Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)  by having positive role models offer a consistent, patient, and caring mentor relationship to the youth.  They provide a curriculum, training, and a supportive environment to offer a dependable and organized program.  The mentoring program is great for students that are looking for away to make an impact within the community, wanting experience with working with youth, or thinking of a field in social work, psychology, humanities, or education.

The programs are operating from September until April and they offer a 13 or 26 week commitment to fit with the students schedule.  The weekly commitment is to one location for just under 3 hours per week. We also provide a field internship where the students will be working about 5 hours per week to accrue about 60 hours per semester.

Please call, email or  fill out an application on their website www.futureforkids.org.