YOUR Social Media Takeover @ The Conference!


Are you interested in social media marketing and want to win a scholarship to the 2017 AZ OST Conference?

Then this opportunity is for you!

Programs, this is a great new opportunity for you and your staff!

We want our social media game strong at the Conference this year!

We’re looking for social media liaisons to help us share information about the conference before October 28th and be a part of a conference team to share exciting media the day of the conference! On the Conference day, we’ll hand over the reins and let everyone see the Conference from YOUR perspective.

This is an exciting opportunity for a program to send an attendee with a scholarship registration! This is free for your program, fun for your staff, and an exciting opportunity for all! We’ll choose two new faces for the conference team.

Interested applicants will need to email Jennifer:

  • Sample social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Links to any relevant work and public accounts you use
  • A paragraph on why you’re interested and why you are the best candidate

We have guidelines and ideas for what we would like to see once you’re on the team, but you’re the social media experts! Freshen up the conference and give it your voice!

Email Jennifer at by Monday October 9th and we’ll have a decision by the end of the week!