AZ Afterschool Directory 2.0 & Outreach!

There are over 1,400 programs listed in the AZ Afterschool Directory, is your program one of them? This spring, AzCASE is updating our directory and launching a new campaign to reach parents all over Arizona and share the programs in their area for summer and the next school year.

The AZ Afterschool Directory is a free listing that lets parents search for out-of-school time (OST) programs by location, services, ages of the youth served, and other criteria and view the findings on a map-based interface. The Directory increases visibility of the programs around Arizona and is a valuable resource to OST providers for marketing their programs. With the information you include, providers can track your own offerings across your programs, complete with graphs generated on your organizational dashboard and the Google-synced map, making it a private comprehensive organizational tool, too! Finally, the data gathered privately is a powerful policy tool for AzCASE to use in our advocacy for expansion and funding of OST programs, to strengthen the delivery and accessibility of programs statewide.

Right now, AzCASE is re-launching the Directory with a newer interface, making it more user-friendly and adding new features and information! Programs that have signed the Make it Count! Pledge and are involved in our statewide continuous quality efforts will be identifiable on the Directory.

Currently-Listed Programs should log in and check that the program information is current. Updating information in the listing now is critical for getting relevant information out to parents who use the Directory to find new programs for their youth.


New Programs can be added to the Directory when a provider creates a personal user account and enters their program information into the database to join the network and published for greater visibility.

This launch of the Directory’s new look and this critical stage of updating the programs listed is just the first part of the campaign to make the Directory more accessible and resourceful for parents and providers. To celebrate the relaunch and to kick off the new campaign, all of the providers who update or join the revamped Directory by Friday, February 13th, 2015 will be entered to win great prizes when they send us their confirmation information! Prizes include:

  • One free registration to the 2015 Schools Out, Make it Count Conference;
  • Three free registrations to attend an upcoming AzCASE Spring Professional Development Session;
  • Three Rockets to the Rescue! kits

Now is your time to spread awareness of your program and reach parents and youth for all your fantastic summer programming! Update your listings now!


Updated to edit the new prizes added to the drawing.