Arizona Top Ten for 2015 Summer Learning

The National Summer Learning Association published a new infographic to highlight this year’s Summer Learning Day and Summer Learning achievements. This reflection reported numbers and outreach of programs, summer learning advocacy, and social media across the nation. It should be no surprise that Arizona came in on the round up of Top 10 States for summer learning!

SLD infographic map

Arizona is Number Three for top states committed to a season of learning, noted by number of youth reached. National Summer Learning Association

The 2015 Summer Learning Day reached 700,000 youth in the US and Arizona was in the Top Three of states that reached the most youth to #keepkidslearning!

The NSLA tracked numbers by program’s submissions to the Summer Learning Map and Arizona was recorded to reach 86,875 youth in various programs.

Of course, this really means that we reached many more youth, from programs and events across the state that did not formally put their program on the map!

View the entire infographic here.

Arizona is at the top of the nation, and we see both sides of the out-of-school time situation facing the nation—both unmet demand for available programs and parent satisfaction with current programs are high! Make sure to share your programs with the community via the Arizona Afterschool Directory and keep striving to Make it Count and continuous quality improvement with us at AzCASE.

This summer was a good one to #keepkidslearning and fight the #achivementgap and #summerlearningloss that normally occurs over summer break. Thank you for all that you do for Arizona youth and let’s all keep striving to improve our quality and reach more youth!