2014 School’s Out, Make it Count! Conference iPad Winner

AzCASE always wants to provide the best services and resources for everyone in the Arizona OST field, so we need to keep ourselves open and flexible. One way that we keep striving for excellence is to keep up with what you think and feel about the OST field, professional development opportunities, programs, and our own resources and advocacy that we work with everyone to achieve.

This year, the School’s Out, Make it Count! Engaging Youth in Life and Learning Conference had a fantastic incentive prize to help you help us!

Out of all the feedback opportunities that we provided and we received, we picked several Amazon gift card winners and even one iPad Air winner.

The iPad Air was provided by COX, one of the Conference Sponsors, so thank you COX!

Our lucky winner was staff from City of Buckeye’s Kids B.A.S.E. (Before and After School Enrichment) Program!

Shanora Diaz, you were one of hundreds of wonderful attendees who provided feedback about the Conference, Workshops, Luncheon, and more–and you won the iPad Air.

Shanora Diaz

We thank you and all your peers for taking the time to really tell AzCASE what you thought of this year’s Conference. Thanks to the feedback we received, we already have the 2015 School’s Out, Make it Count! Conference in the works to be bigger and better, providing even more professional development with higher quality!


On December 17th, we were able to visit one of the Kids B.A.S.E. sites to present Shanora with her award and see the program participants.